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Our company has been involved in R&D, manufacturing and sales of Neodymium magnets since 2006, have over 15 years experiences. We supply rare earth magnetic products, focus on Neodymium magnet and relative magnetic product.Our company main product is Disc magnet, block magnet, Ring magnet and Countersunk magnet. We also and according the customer requirement to do the custom shape, such as the push pin magnet, hook magnet and so on. The magnet have many coating, such as the Zn coating, NiCuNi coating Epoxy coating and the Gold coating and son on. The Zn coating can pass 12H SST, NiCuNi coating can pass 24-48H SST, the Epoxy and chemical Nickel coating can pass 96H SST. If the magnet use inside we suggest use the Zn coating will save the cost, and if the magnet use outside, we suggest NiCuNi coating,which is corrosion resistance will be better.

With its excellent performance, abundant raw materials and reasonable price, ndfeb permanent magnet is rapidly developing and widely used.It is mainly used in life, electronic products, automobile, electric vehicle, wind power generation, industrial permanent magnet motor, magnetic machinery, magnetic levitation, magnetic transmission, magnetic separation, medical equipment and other aspects.

As a Professional NdFeB magnet Manufacturer, we have 115 staff, 102 set cutting machines, and we have our own Electroplating plant, 12 plating lines,our annual capacity reaches 500 tons, magnetic product about 30 millions.

With completely supply chain ,from raw material, slicing, plating and hardware combination. OEM service to helps customers grow together.

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