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1. AIM Magnet has been deeply involved in the magnet industry for 15 years, providing one-stop services for slicing, punching, special-shaped processing, CNC lathes, electroplating, magnetic circuit design and assembly.

2. More than 10,000 kinds of samples are available for selection, custom-made samples will be sampled in 5-7 days, and regular orders will be delivered in 7-10 days.

3. For 10 consecutive years, there have been no product quality problems affecting the cooperative relationship.

4. The choice of more than 8000 domestic and foreign customers, Foxconn, ZTE, Flextronics, Huawei and other top 500 companies designated magnet suppliers.

5. One-to-one exclusive customer service and professional project team service, any problem will be solved within 12 hours.

6. Regularly hold a variety of activities such as learning, sharing, traveling, outreach training, sports meets, etc., to advocate a positive, happy, and healthy cultural atmosphere.

7. AIM Magnet has become the top merchant and industry TOP10 of Alibaba International Station for 5 consecutive years, and its international reputation has continued to increase.

8. More than 20 years of senior engineers, with in-depth research and practical experience in magnetic material principles and magnetic function applications, providing strong technical support and a time-saving and cost-effective solution!

9. The raw materials come from listed state-owned enterprises such as Baotou Steel Rare Earths. The stable supply chain for more than 10 years guarantees the quality consistency of samples and bulk goods, batches and batches.