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AIM Magnet Co.,Ltd has been earlier with ISO9001 in Guangdong province and our magnet products all passed REACH,ROHS and MSDS.We totally have 9 processes to ensure goods quality consistent with samples.

1.Raw materials

AIM factory purchase magnet raw material from Government company to ensure the stability of materials and high quality.We will check the size and tolerance of materials after receiving.

2.Precision Work

After cutting,we will conduct the size full inspection.After processing magnets to required specifications,we will check if the size meets standard again.Tolerance standard:disc magnet is +/-0.05mm;Block magnet is +/-0.1mm. We will scrap unqualified magnets or reprocess them until they reach the size agreed with our customers.


In this progress,we will check if the edge of neodymium magnets is broken and the R angle.The common R angle is R0.2-R0.3.Chamfering is necessary and it can make magnets smooth edge then can better electroplate good coating.


A good coating not only makes neodymium magnets attractive,but also protects them from being oxidized and demagnetized for a long time. We will check if the coating is dirty,has peeling or pockmark to confirm it’s bright and nice appearance.

5.Appearance inspection

After finishing production,we firstly inspect appearance.Whether there are edges broken or depressed; the surface is yellow, dirty, etc unqualified situation.We will use vision inspection machine if large quantity.

6.Size test

Next,use a selection machine to check the size and tolerance of magnets.Tolerance standard: Disc/Round shape is +/-0.05mm;Block shape:Width and length is +/-0.1mm,thickness is +/-0.05mm.

7.Coating adhesion test

Salt Spray test machine to verify the quality of coating:Color-Zinc coated can reach 12H;Nickel coated can reach 24H-48H;Epoxy coated and chemical Nickel coated can reach 96H.

8.Magnetism test

In order to ensure magnetism can meet customers’ requirements,we will conduct random magnetism inspections and make magnetism reports.Using Gauss meter,Flux meter and pulling force meter, make sure bulk order quality is the same as confirmed samples.


When packing,we will check if specifications,quantity and packing methods(ordinary,express,air package) match customer’s requirements.To consistent with the requirements of air/sea transportation,we use standard magnetic isolation package to make the magnetic field at the surface of the box less than 10 Gauss.

Detection Tool:

Flux meter, Gauss meter, Pulling force meter, Micrometer, SST test machine, Drying oven etc. Corrected 2 times/Years.