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AIM Magnet highly respects the environmental policy, as a member of the earth, that is no excuse of discharged hazardous wastes into our life circumstance. Not only in the manufacturing process, but also on daily working, each people in AIM is aware of this importance and strictly follow up ISO 9001 environmental management system.

AIM continues to work with all of our suppliers of materials that could be affected by the new RoHS compliance statutes. Every raw material, plating and all process. all of them are RoHS compliant.

AIM Magnet already build thorough production and quality control system. AIM pass ISO9001:2015 and Sedex in 2014. All the products pass ROHS, REACH, SVHC certification.

Concerning environmental protection is one of the key policies in AIM production system, we are doing RoHS standard boards, and built up an in-house sewage treatment system in cutting workshop and plating workshop, to reduce sewage demission. We aim to make a much better working & life environment for all of people on the earth.

AIM has provided itself on its commitment to meeting and exceeding all environmental compliance regulations, we are committed now and into the future to working with you to achieve RoHS compliance. To know more about RoHS information on AIM Magnet, please do contact us.

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