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Home > Blog > 2023 AIM Team Two Day Tour to Yangjiang Hailing Island

2023 AIM Team Two Day Tour to Yangjiang Hailing Island


AIM Magnet Factory organized a two-day tour of Yangjiang Hailing Island from May 20 to May 21, 2023.


After arriving at Tai Kok Wan on May 20th, everyone took photos together. After taking the photos, everyone enters the Dajiao Bay Scenic Area. Some colleagues enter the water park to play thrilling water sports such as spiral slides, cannon barrels, sled slides, rainbow slides, crazy landslides, and drifting rivers, and fully enjoy the shock and joy brought by water amusement facilities! Some people prefer the beach in the afternoon. They bathe in the sunshine on the beach, or take waves and play with the sand, or listen to the wind and enjoy the scenery, or swim underwater, or walk on the beach, presenting a leisurely and comfortable picture before their eyes.

At 18:00 in the afternoon, everyone is ready to go to the beach barbecue and bonfire party. Everyone was munching on barbecue and drinking cold beer



After breakfast, we are about to take a boat out to experience the coastal scenery of Hailing Island. Upon reaching the sea surface, the sea provides us with endless joy and surprise: blowing the sea breeze, listening to the waves, and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the sea. The joy of sailing is definitely a different experience in life.


 The trip to Yangjiang Hailing Island has come to an end, leaving a deep impression on everyone. It has made everyone realize that AIM is a warm family.